HP Inkjet Cartridge

Genuine Hewlett Packard HP C6602A black inkjet cartridge specially designed
for OEM products like cheque scanners (7,000,000 characters yield).
Offers faster printing speeds, quick-drying ink, plus a high-capacity ink reservoir.
HP C6602A inkjet cartridge is ideal for endorsement printing, transaction printing
and remote applications, with ink formulated for printing on a wide variety of
Non-contact printing at 96 dpi allows for quiet printing on irregular surfaces.

For use in the following Cheque Scanners:

CTS LS 150
CTS LS 800
Canon CR 25
Canon CR 50
Canon CR 55
Canon CR 180
Canon CR 180II
Digital Check TellerScan 210E
Digital Check TellerScan 215
Digital Check TellerScan 220E
Digital Check TellerScan 230
Digital Check TellerScan TS 4120
Digital Check CX30 Scanners
NCR TellerScan TS 210e
NCR TellerScan TS 215
NCR TellerScan TS 220e
NCR TellerScan TS 230
NCR TellerScan TS 4120
Unisys My Vision
Panini Vision X
Panini My Vision X