Roll Lamination
Minimum effort…Maximum results. Feeds, laminates and trims – all at the touch of a button. GBC AutoUltima™ Pro makes lamination so quick and simple, it is designed to support multiple users throughout the day. Anyone in your company can laminate single or multiple documents at the press of a button. As simple to use as a photocopier, just insert your documents into the feeder, select the film thickness and press start – the AutoUltima Pro does the rest!
 Document size: Banner / A3 Max (301mm)
 Film capability: Up to 42.5 - 125 Micron (Nap-Lam® II films)
 Ease of use / One button control, no pouches needed
 Automatic feeder, simply load up to 50 documents in
 the feeder and walk away
 Foolproof film loading with GBC’s patented EZload™ technology
 Fixed speed - 800mm/min
 Exceptionally fast 1 minute warm up time
 Automatic built-in cutter eliminates the need for trimming
 Up to 50 documents in less than 15 minutes