Roll Lamination
When productivity and profit count the most, the Catena 65 meet the requirements of your more demanding jobs. Designed to encapsulate and mount prints from color printers and copiers, the Catena 65 also run pressure-sensitive films in addition to thermal films. These larger units are able to handle a wider variety of applications including standard poster-sized prints.
Document size: Banner / A1 Max (635mm)
Film capability: Up to 25 - 250 Micron (Nap-Lam® II, Arctic, Octiva, Hi-Tac films)
LCD display indicates temperature, speed and ready/wait status
Interlocking feed tray and magnetic safety shield provide safe operation
Infrared heating coil distributes heat evenly and improves lamination quality
Silicone heat rollers reduce adhesive build up and cleaning time and provide a clean scratch less lamination
Roller gap adjustment handles mounting boards up to 0.19" thick
Optional: Rewind roller to peel away pressure-sensitive release liner