Magnapunch 2.0

Punches - Modular and Productive
If you’ve had enough of wasted paper, wasted printing and wasted time; Meet the new Magnapunch 2.0™ and watch your productivity go through the roof. Designed by GBC® with evolutionary edge detection technology, Magnapunch 2.0 punches documents right the first time, every time. And its slick new interactive digital display delivers real-time error reporting and set up instructions to keep operators happily up to speed. No complicated set-ups. No punching errors. No waste. No missed deadlines. You can bank on it.
Full color interactive LCD
Push button set-up instructions and real-time error reporting take the guesswork out of operation
Evolutionary Edge Detection Technology virtually eliminate mis-punches before they happen thanks to an early warning system
Continuous ½ second punch cycle punches up to 49,000 sheets per hour
13 High Capacity Interchangeable Dies - Up to 70% higher punch capacity and die sets (purchase separately) change in just seconds without tools