LS150UV is the most advanced solution which adds ultraviolet recognition to the compact, fast and sturdy LS150 standard
device, the CTS cheque scanner system designed for bank teller and back counter, commercial, retail, remittance and remote
deposit capture (RDC) applications .
The new LS150UV provides the customer with a state-of-the-art UV technology and identification algorithms to minimise the
risk of cheque fraud while increasing the precision of electronic cheque reading without compromising the performance.
CTS’ choice has been to integrate a specialized CIS (Contact Image Sensor) module allowing capture in the spectrum of
ultraviolet rays for easier and effective automatic tampering analysis and improved ultraviolet code recognition when printed
with UV ink.
Powerful Anti-fraud System - Anti Counterfeit (A/C) and Anti Tampering (A/T) Controls
Improved Image Quality - Higher Contrast
Improved Accuracy - Adjustable Illumination
Lower Power Consumption - No Warming Up