High capacity input feeder - up to 500 checks
• Enlarged sorter capacity - up to 21 + 1 sorting pockets holding 250 docs each
• High productivity - up to 200 dpm
• One pass front and rear check imaging - grayscale or colour image capture
• Intelligent code line based sorting - meets your application requirements
• In-line recognition of OCR and barcode - for remittance and lockbox
• Supported OS and Drivers - Windows and Linux
A modular, high performance, bulk check scanner and sorter used
for efficiently streamlining back-office check processing procedures
in the branch.
The modular and easy-to-add design of its sorter modules allows for scalable configurations that are perfectly fitting for the
processing needs of each branch location. Thanks to its speed and its feeder and bins capacity, LS800 is the workhorse of
bulk check and document processing.